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Christiane Perrochon, acclaimed ceramic artist, was born in Geneva Switzerland in 1942, where she completed her studies at the École des Beaux Arts and the École des Arts Décoratifs, receiving her diploma in ceramics in 1962.

Thirty years ago she moved to Italy, where she has since lived in a small hamlet bearing the name of Castiglion Alberti, situated in the heart of the Tuscan countryside on a hilltop surrounded by woods of oak trees and groves of centuries-old olive trees.

Her laboratory occupies the entire ground floor of what was once a medieval rectory and which today is her home, with the adjacent chapel having recently been transformed into a spacious showroom for her creations.



Christiane Perrochon's Atelier produces ceramics both in stoneware and porcelain fired at high temperatures and covered with captivating precious glazes, the fruit of many years of personally conducted research.           

Her know how and the exquisite quality of her creations have led the Atelier to world-wide recognition in the market of luxury table settings. Her pieces are now sold in stores of the world capitals of Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong, cities where she also regularly shows her new works.



In 1995, a personal exhibit at the Galerie Joyce, located in the Palais Royal in Paris, gave Christiane Perrochon's artistic career new impetus, providing her the opportunity to effectively display her works in an exclusive location particularly suitable for meeting new clients. A series of important personal exhibits followed in major cities throughout Europe, England, Japan and the US, affirming her position as a world-renowned ceramic artist:

In France: Galerie Joyce (Paris); Galerie Kita (Lilles); Joelle Sultan Marouani (Paris); Christophe Delcourt (Paris).

In Italy: Spazio Sette (Rome); San Carlo dal 1973 (Turin).

In Tokyo, Japan: Gallery Shun; Gallery What’s O2; Wakizaka; and at Mitsukoshi, Isetan and Takashimaya department stores.

In London, England: Gallery EGG; Rebecca Willer.

In Switzerland: Galerie Jonas (Neuchâtel); Tokonoma (Geneva); Galleria Irene Weiss (Tremona, TI).

In the USA: Elements (Chicago); Gen Gallery, Ochre and Takashimaya (New York).

Her reputation gradually spread throughout the field of professional decorating and interior design, eventually leading to more general recognition in the commercial sector.

She has created tableware and decorative items for some of the top names in fashion design including: Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein; and has designed decorative collections for renowned interior architects such as Peter Marino in New York, Michael S. Smith in Los Angeles, and Christian Liaigre and Christophe Delcourt in Paris.



Even after establishing her name in the field of luxury items, the production methods employed by Christiane Perrochon's Atelier have remained the same: objects are entirely made by hand and treated one by one throughout the various stages of manufacturing.

This particular type of manufacturing has considerable production costs, especially due to the employment of high quality raw materials and specialized artisans, who, in the case of Christiane Perrochon's Atelier, are trained in the laboratory by the artist herself.

Christiane Perrochon’s atelier still maintains THE atmosphere of a small artisan laboratory where no more than four selected assistants work together with the artist and her husband.